Tigrai Genocide

Never Forget. Never Again.

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The genocidal onslaught by the joint Ethiopian and Eritrean forces in Tigray is estimated to have killed more than 800,000 civilians and inflicted tremendous psychological pain on the entire population of Tigray. More than 400,000 Tigrayans in Western Tigray, where the U.S. and human rights groups said ethnic cleaning has been taking place, are still unaccounted for. More than 120,000 Tigrayan girls and women have been raped by the invading ENDF/Ethiopian, Eritrean, and allied Amhara forces who used rape as weapon in their genocidal campaigns. It has been documented by international human rights groups that ENDF, Eritrean, and Amhara forces committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Tigray. According to a former UN humanitarian coordinator in Sudan, Dr. Mukesh Kapila, Tigray is the only place in the world where all forms of atrocities and crimes have been committed against its people on a massive scale. This Website complements the efforts of other Tigrayans and foreigners who worked so hard, over the last 2 years, to document the heinous crimes perpetrated by the three parties against Tigrayans in Tigray and elsewhere in Ethiopia.

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