My name is Awa Abuna. I came from Eritrea and used to live in Shimelba refugee camp … When the war broke out in Nov. 2020, we fled to Sheraro town. Since then we have been living with Tigray’s Kunama community. We were in Shimblina. We saw innocent people being slaughtered like goats [by Eritrean soldiers]. Some bodies were not buried. They were eaten by hyenas. My son Tibili is among the victims. They slaughtered him like goats. The Kunama community has endured unspeakable atrocities.

Translation by Fitwi Desta
Dimtsi Weyane TV | 22 May 2023
Dimtsi Weyane TV | 22 Sep 2022
Tigrai TV | 15 Oct 2022
Tigrai TV | 23 March 2023
Source: BBC | 19 Oct 2022
Source: Amnesty International | 24 Oct 2022
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