On 5th Jan 2021, Eritrean forces entered into Medhane-Alem Church in Geutelo, a village in Tigray’s Gulemekeda district, and massacred 32 civilians, including children, women, priests, monks and elders, who gathered to celebrate a religious holiday, according to eyewitnesses Melakeselam Hailemariam Teferi, Deacon Desta Gebre, and Gebremedhin Tafere.

[Translation Fitwi Desta]

They [Eritreans] dragged people out of the church and brutally massacred them. They killed the three teachers over there. They dragged people who were there and killed them. They killed the Sunday School children there. In total 32 civilians were massacred here. Nothing was spared. Perpetrators of heinous crime, those who killed innocent children, those who killed elders, those who killed innocent youth through Tigray must face justice.

Dimtsi Weyane TV | 6 Jan 2022
Names of the victims of Guetelo Church Massacre