Our leaders and the enablers in Debarq could be the witness. We have killed those refused to cooperate and put them into submission. By doing so, we brought the city of Mai Tsebri under control, and on the bridge of the Tekeze river, we put up our flag and handed over Mai Tsebri to the new mayor installed by the Amhara region. We have forced the community to obtain the Amhara region Identification Card, and we made the community smell like Amhara.

Amhara militia [Translation by Simon Zebelo]
April 2021, Bahir Dar

In this April 2021 interview, these Amhara militias say they were in Bahir Dar to meet with regional authorities to request permission to attack neighboring Benishangul Gumz region where the militias say Amharas were being massacred because of their ethnicity, a pretext to invade a neighboring region and repeat the heinous crimes they committed in Tigray.

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