Abiy Ahmed’s 18th July 2021 statement labeling the Tigrayans as ‘CANCER’ and ‘INVASIVE WEED’. ETV | 18 July 2021

Statement by Abiy Ahmed, the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, on 18th July 2021

We are fighting against an enemy which is Ethiopia’s CANCER. The JUNTA is perhaps the only group that has ever used earned political power to dismantle its own country. As the saying goes, the SATAN that has lived with you would never be made to leave you alone easily, so the JUNTA would continue to put up weak resistance here and there.

Certainly, the JUNTA will be uprooted, never to grow again.

This could only happen when all of us help in uprooting the INVASIVE WEED. Along the way, individuals may make mistakes. We may hear divisive information. There may be argument even when our objective is the same.

Nevertheless, we will achieve our objective. Ethiopian children from all corners have risen to thwart the JUNTA’s plans. This by itself is a victory. Ethiopian children have identified their enemy. And they know what to do. And they will do it.

Those who are afraid of our unit will do anything to divide us. They will conspire to shift our focus from them onto our compatriots. We will never do it. Our current unity has broken JUNTA’s old treachery. Afterwards, it will break the source of that complot and, finally, it will reform the victim of the complet/ treachery.

Our defense forces and our regional forces are properly positioning. There would be provocation to hinder that. We will respond accordingly while respecting the unilateral ceasefire. We have a plan that answers what, why, how, where and when to do something. The result will be seen by both friends and foes. If necessary, our army is prepared to carry out the impossible mission.

We will work to uproot the WEED. While we uproot the weed, we will be careful not to harm the wheat.

In our country, farmers perform weed control by working in groups (en).

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