On Nov. 23, 2019 and Dec. 25, 2019, almost a year before the outbreak of the genocidal war on Tigray, Abiy Ahmed held two meetings with close to 60 Tigray businesspeople selected to play role of go-betweens between him and the TPLF. The meetings took place in the prime minister’s office. In both meetings, Abiy Ahmed threatened that he would not just impose a blockade on Tigray but also shut down all basic services unless the TPLF joins his newly formed party, the Prosperity Party. Abiy Ahmed’s threat of using blockade and denial of basic services to arm-twist the TPLF into joining his party was confirmed by Addis Fortune in its 14th Dec 2019 publication. Getachew Aregawi, Managing Editor of Wurayna, had summarized what was discussed in those meetings.

Summary of 2nd meeting between between Abiy Ahmed and Tigrayan businesspeople on 25 Dec 2019

Summary of 1st meeting between Abiy Ahmed and Tigrayan businesspeople on 23 Nov 2019