Fighting in Ethiopia’s Tigray region has displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Schools across the entire region, including towns and cities like Adwa, Axum, and Shire, are quickly filling with people fleeing violence. As they arrive, they join others who are already sheltering in poor and overcrowded conditions. “It’s an extremely concerning situation because we’re not seeing an adequate response from the humanitarian community […] for water, sanitation, food, or medical services,” says Esperanza Santos, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) emergency coordinator in Tigray. Many, like Ken Alew and his family, have already been displaced multiple times since the Tigray conflict began. In this video, Alew describes what they experienced after their house and all their possessions were destroyed in an attack on their hometown of Edaga Arbi.

Impact of the Tigray Conflict: “Our Home Was Destroyed” | MSF-USA 26 March 2021