Residents of Tselimoy in Western Tigray say ENDF and Amhara forces killed more than 25 civilians, including elders as old as 85, and slaughtered at least 80 livestock that belong to residents.

They beheaded Hagos Hadgu, 80, and left the head on his doorfront and the rest of the body on a bed. They [ENDF] brutally killed Tikue Debeb, 80, by shooting at point blank range directly in the eye. They killed Nigusse Gebrekidan too.

The invaders brutally murdered elders who were unable to flee. It was an extremely horrific, barbaric and shameful act. Mitslal Desta is among among the innocent people brutally killed at home [by the invaders]. We buried her body in her backyard. They slaughtered livestock, too. It was too horrific.

There are still bodies [of civilians victims] that we have not yet managed to bury. They haven’t spared anything. They killed cattle, donkeys, etc. They have looted and destroyed property. It is extremely horrifying.

Kidane Mihret (St. Mary) Church in Tselimoy looted and deliberately destroyed by ENDF and Amhara militias during the second round of their genocidal campaign in Tigray.

Kidane Mihret Church in Tselimoy village looted and destroyed by Ethiopian and allied Amhara forces

Video taken after invading forces were driven out of Tselimoy and environs shows that invading forces deliberately destroyed electric pylons, houses, crops, churches, schools, whatnot. This is on top of the gruesome massacre of more than 27 civilians, mostly elders and children.

According to the administrator of North Western Tigray, Teklay Gebremedhin, invading forces killed at least 20 civilians, aged 65 or higher, and they abducted 40 people.

Dimtsi We21 Sep 2022