Eritrean troops executed 22 people in Tigray’s Sewha Saesi district on 1st Dec 2020 and left their bodies unburied for 20 days. The victims were taken from their homes, hands tied and executed by Eritrean forces.

I have lost my 2 children, 30-years-old Tesfu Zeru and 22-years-old-Berhane. [Eritrean soldiers] brought them here and killed them brutally. I am a blind man, my wife is bedridden, and they were the ones who took care of us.


Tigrai TV | 11 Oct 2021


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‘ባርባራዊ ግፍዒ ሻዕብያ ኣብ ቁሸት ጉዕጉና ፋብሪካ ብርጭቆ ጎዳ’ – Woyen | 29 April 2023

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On 2 Dec 2020, Eritrean soldiers rounded up 19 youths from Sasun village near Adigrat city, took them to the nearby Goda glass factory, forced them to load war loots and finally executing them. Abebu Berhe lost three children in the #GodaMassacre. Tigrai TV | 14 June 2022

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Tigrai TV | 15 Sep 2021

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The Goda Massacre: Wikipedia

Sean Williams is a British reporter and photographer. He visited Tigray and shared pictures of 12 men killed in the massacre.

In several towns I visited in Tigray, people came to me with the images or IDs of people lost in the bloodshed. Here are 12 men killed at a factory in the region’s northeast. #Eritrea #Ethiopia

Sean Williams, British reporter and photographer
Some of the victims of the Goda Massacre in Eastern Tigray | Credit: @swilliamsjourno