Debre Abay – the scene for one of the most gruesome attacks on civilians in Tigray.
A gruesome massacre in Debre Abay that took the lives of 200 to 300 people in Tigray’s Tsimbla district.
Unarmed civilians slaughtered by Ethiopian government soldiers in Mai Harmaz/Debre Abay, Tigray.

Video obtained by Dimtsi Weyane TV shows Ethiopian government soldiers insulting, torturing unarmed civilians before they extrajudicially execute them in Mai Harmaz/Debre Abay.

ምንም ማስተረፍ አያስፈልግም እነሱን

እዚህ የተረፈረፉትን አይቼ’ኮ ደስ አለኝ

Ethiopian government soldiers beat Tigrayan civilians before shooting them dead.
In the blood-soaked sand lies more evidence of crimes against humanity, the massacre of at least three dozen men in Tigray. Video: itv NEWS | 2 Aug 2021
France 24 investigation into the massacre of civilians by the ENDF in Mai Harmaz village, Debre Abay | 11 March 2021
Civilians massacred by Ethiopian forces in Debre Abay, Tigray
Survivors of Debre Abay Massacre recount extrajudicial execution of civilians by Ethiopian forces
Survivors recount the massacre of civilians by the Ethiopian army in Debre Abay
Tigray war crimes laid bare by video evidence | The Telegraph 20 Feb 2021

Joe_belliveau, Executive Director of MSF Canada, was in the area around the time the massacre took place and shared what survivors and eyewitnesses told him happened to the bodies of the victims of the Debre Abay Massacre.

MSF’s Joe Belliveau on what eyewitnesses and survivors told him Ethiopian soldiers did to the bodies of the victims of the massacre in Debre Abay. Read more: Week in the Life, Saturday: MSF in Tigray, Ethiopia

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